Membership Information

The Blue Roof Franchisee Association, a member association representing IHOP Franchisees, was formed in July 2010. The association was founded as an independent voice and leadership for franchisees, within the IHOP system and business and political arenas alike, to promote the owners’ profitability and equity, and find new ways to leverage our strength.


For 2023, we have established the following membership levels:
  • Basic (Dues = $175 per restaurant)
  • Silver (Dues=$275 per restaurant)
  • Gold (Dues=$500 per restaurant) SEE BENEFITS BELOW
  • Platinum (Dues =$1,000 per restaurant) SEE BENEFITS BELOW
All BRFA members are entitled to one complimentary "consultation” with our franchise attorney, Dady & Gardner (limited to issues you are having with the franchisor). This will generally entail a preliminary discussion of the issue at hand, and a potential high level review of the key documents, for a total of up to 60 minutes at no charge. Gold members are entitled to an additional 30 minutes per store owned, which will be billed to and paid by BRFA. Platinum members are entitled to an additional 60 minutes per store owned, also billed to and paid by BRFA.
Your dues make a big difference, as BRFA supports the IHOP Franchise community in four important ways:
  1. Community and Teamwork – We bring franchisees together to discuss the relevant topics of the day, and share thoughts, concerns and ideas. Along these lines, we have significantly improved our communication and collaboration with the FLC during the past year.
  2. Communication and Education – We strive to bring you unfiltered information on the most important issues we face. We also strive to solicit your input, answer your questions, and keep you informed.
  3. Advocacy and Representation – We represent our members’ interests to IHOP, the FLC, Washington DC, and wherever IHOP franchisees need to be heard.
  4. Strength and Profitability – We bring you new programs and best practices to improve and protect your business.


BRFA Bylaws

CLICK HERE to view the BRFA Bylaws.